I have always enjoyed the pursuit and the challenge of creating and capturing beauty, whether it be through music, drawings, storytelling, or my favorite medium of all: photography.

I fell in love with photography as a child, peeking around corners to snap candids of family members with my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle camera, but I never dreamt I would be so blessed as to call photography my profession.  I established my business in 2015 and since then have met incredible people, been to interesting new places, and captured so many precious moments.

Photography is both a skill and an art.  One can be technically sound, own the best equipment, and have an exemplary understanding of light, but when the subject is in front of you, there is no formula to creating a beautiful image. That is the moment when the skilled professional takes the backseat to the artist.

I am blessed to call myself a photographer.  I take pride in the knowledge, skill, and experience I have to offer my clients; but my passion lies in the art of it all.



For all inquiries, please email patpatton@gmail.com or use the contact form below.

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Thank you for reaching out! I will be in touch soon!