Imagine how much more control you would have over your social media content with access to a professional photographer and photo studio every single month.  Imagine creating and curating a steady stream of images instead of stockpiling images from that shoot six months ago - maybe you weren't on your A-Game that day and you don't like those wardrobe or makeup choices anymore, but now you've got to live with it since you still need to save up before you can afford another photo shoot.

Before I was a photographer,  I dabbled in acting and modeling, and I understand that the current way things are done doesn't always work for everyone's situation.  With the rise of social media, the demand for a constant stream of content calls for a new way of doing things.  Maybe you don't need a huge photo shoot on a regular basis - maybe all you need are some updated headshots, some fun and creative pics for social, a handful of promotional photos for a PR Campaign, or maybe a few nice images for a magazine feature or a press release.  If that sounds like you, a Headshot Society membership might make a lot of sense.

The Concept


Headshot Society members can book a 45-minute photo session once a month.  This session can take place in studio or on location, but keep in mind that location shoots must be discussed and agreed upon ahead of time.

You should plan on arriving camera-ready, although I do have a small vanity for last minute touch-ups or quick style changes during your session if needed.  You can bring in a many looks, props, or wardrobe choices as you would like, and we will get as much as we can done in your 45-minute session.

After your session, you will receive an online preview gallery from which you will be able to make your image selections and pay per image for high-end retouching.  The retouching rate per image differs by membership plan, so take that into account when selecting which plan is right for you.

Your gallery will remain active and available as long as you are a member, so you will always have access to your previous photo galleries.  In other words, as long as you are a member, you will be able to make new selections from previous galleries.

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