Emma Lee Sun is Sporty Glam.

Updated: Dec 28, 2018

You can't expect "love" without havingdone a thing to deserve it, unless of course you're playing tennis. That being said, I absolutely love how fashion stylist Tina Levine-Hernandez styled this editorial shoot which was published in the May 2018 issue of New Face Magazine.


Emma is a new face to the modeling world, signed with LA models runway division, and she really made this shoot a breeze. Makeup artist Erin Collins made her look beautiful, and Stylist Tina Levine-Hernandez dressed her in all the right pieces to make this shoot really stand out. I love the bold colors and statements throughout the shoot. There is definitely a theme of boldness, strength, and positive energy.

Playing with color:

It was such a privilege to be able to play with colors in the way this shoot allowed for. The park we were at had only a few pops of color, but limitations often kick-start creativity, so I glommed onto every little bit of color I could find, and made sure that each outfit worked with each setting and composition.

So much of fashion photography is about creating a mood or a feeling. This is my primary goal as a photographer, and it overrides the instinct for perfect exposure, proper composition, adhesion to color theory... these are all rules you need to know, but feel comfortable playing with and bending, if not blatantly breaking.

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