Jordan Wiseley for New Face Magazine

Model Jordan Wiseley of Strapped Manufacturing on the cover of New Face Fashion Magazine
Jordan Wiseley on the cover of New Face Magazine


I had the honor of photographing actor and clothing manufacturer Jordan Wiseley for the cover of the December Issue of New Face Fashion Magazine. The theme of this issue was "luxury", and what better way to keep things hot this winter than with Jordan's Luxury clothing brand Strapped Mfg.? I spent some time in his Los Angeles creative studio snapping shots of him at work as well as snapping some photos of the star blowing off some steam on his bike.


Jordan leans on a table in the Strapped Manufacturing creative studio
Jordan at work in his creative studio.

Jordan Wiseley doing a "wheely" on his motorcycle.  There is a downed stop sign lying on the street and a wall of grafiti in the background..
The world is gonna tell you to stop, you gotta blow past that noise.

Jordan in his studio, giving a cheeky smirk with a mug that says "I am a ray of f**king sunshine."
Know thyself

Jordan Wiseley holds a bag and wears clothes that he designed for his company Strapped Mfg.
Brought to you by Strapped Mfg.


As a photographer, this was the first time a photo of mine has ended up on the cover of a magazine, and I am not going to lie, I am pretty darn excited about it! That being said, I have been asked to shoot at least two more covers for New Face Magazine in the coming months, so if all goes well, this may be something I could get used to : )


Jordan Wiseley of Strapped Mfg. poses on his motorcycle.
Sittin' pretty

Jordan sits on his motorcycle wearing clothes that he designed for Strapped Mfg. with a big, blue sky in the background
Sky's the limit

Jordan Wiseley of Strapped Mfg. for New Face Fashion Magazine
Jordan in his studio.


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