Layla Palma for Like A Lion Magazine

Model Layla Palma posing on the cover of Like A Lion Magazine by fashion photographer Patrick Patton.

Last month, Andrea and I took a very short work-cation, which included spending the afternoon and evening on the beach in Malibu, shooting an easy and casual fashion editorial with model Layla Palma of L.A. Models, and staying the night at a nice hotel in downtown Calabasas. In the morning, we went out to breakfast, and then spent the rest of our time meandering Barnes & Noble which has always been one of our go-to forms of entertainment whenever we find ourselves out and about with no children.

Anyway, back to the shoot. I wasn't planning on submitting this one. It was just meant to be a simple portfolio shoot. I didn't have a creative team with me, and Layla did all her own hair + makeup and brought all her own clothes. She and Andrea put some nice looks together and the lighting at the beach was gorgeous. After a couple looks, I was confident I had some images I should submit to a fashion magazine, and by the end, I was starting to suspect we might even have the cover. I was right.

I retouched a number of my favorite images from the shoot and submitted them to Like A Lion Magazine, and they accepted the editorial for the March 2021 Issue (which you can purchase here). I didn't know until I got the tear sheets yesterday that our images would be featured on the front and back covers! I've posted all of the images below so let me know what you think about this shoot! It helps me out too if you would comment at the bottom of this blog post and/or share this post on social media.

Thanks for your support! It really means a lot to me : )

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