Music Monday | October 1, 2018

Happy Monday! If you're like me, you're sitting in front of your computer catching up on emails and completely submersed in a digital world for the majority of your week. I'll talk to people with emojis and catch up with their lives through little squares on my phone. If you can't beat the system, you might as well go all in, and that's why the word of the day for Music Monday is DIGITAL.

To kick it off, we're going all the way back to the 2005 Bright Eyes release "Digital Ash in a Digital Urn" which is one of my favorite overall Bright Eyes albums. The entire album is available to stream on SoundCloud here, so go crazy:


In 2007, Thrice released "The Alchemy Index Volumes i & ii: Fire & Water", the first half of a four part anthology representing in musical form the four elements of fire, water, air, and earth. The first song off of the water volume was something far different than anything we'd yet heard from Thrice at that point, and it's still a favorite of mine. You can listen to this track and enjoy the quirky music video below.


If you still haven't had your fill of ones and zeros, let me take you all the way back 18 years ago to the turn of the century with "Digital Bath" by Deftones from their 2000 release "White Pony", an album that was on repeat at max volume in my CD deck at the time. Press play on Track 3 below ("Digital Bath") and enjoy!


Finally, I'd like to wrap up this Music Monday with a final thought. It's officially the first day of October, which reminds me... is someone gonna wake up Billie Joe or nah?


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