Music Monday | October 29, 2018

Regine Chassagne of Arcade Fire
Regine Chassagne of Arcade Fire

On Friday morning, I was cruising down HWY 68 in Monterey, CA on my way into the studio and I stopped at a red light. Looking in my rear-view mirror, I noticed the car behind me was not slowing down - like at all - and before I could think, I was being slammed back into my seat, and then forward again into my steering wheel as my car collided with the vehicle in front of me. Other than spending a few days feeling like I had just been jumped in to a gang, I'm totally fine with no significant injuries. Following the accident, I had a few car-crash-themed songs playing in my head throughout the weekend, so you could say that this week's Music Monday inspiration struck me... hard.


Arcade Fire - In The Backseat


Thursday - Understanding In a Car Crash


Thrice - The Artist In The Ambulance


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