P.S. Patton

My name is Patrick Patton and I am a 34 year-old husband and father of Sophia (10) and Phin (7), living in the small town of Paso Robles, CA.  I am a musician, songwriter, storyteller, photographer, former actor and model, and I currently produce and host a podcast called Are We Grown Ups Yet.  I love Star Wars, dodger baseball, gummy bears, loud music, and Jesus.
After winning first-place in a county-wide poetry contest in high school, I became the editor of the Investigations page for my High School newspaper where I fell in love with photography.  I also fell in love with my wife at that high school, and we were married in 2005.  The two of us spent several years after high school in Los Angeles where I worked as an actor, model, and production assistant in Hollywood, but we eventually moved back to the quiet Central Coast of California. My wife and I toured the country as musicians (www.ohmylandmusic.com) and most of my writing throughout my twenties was focused on songwriting, but I’ve recently felt the call to return to prose.
I spent time in various fields including steel fabrication, paramedicine, and currently work as a commercial and fashion photographer mostly in Los Angeles (www.patrickpattonphotography.com) by day and am busy completing revisions on the second draft of my debut novel by night.




Stories by P.S. Patton

The Withering

Set on the world of Noloro a generation after the foretold "Days To Come" had come and gone, leaving the world barren and buckling, brothers Rho and Nod grow up in one of the few communities of survivors as farmers living in a tiny cave village.  After their mother's death, there is nothing left for them in the village, and they decide to set off for a nearby city in search of their father.

While crossing the desert, the boys encounter an orphan named Jeema, a strange girl seeking the help of an ancient sorcerer.  When the dark figure reveals the secret to surviving the final dying days of their planet - what the holy book refers to as The Withering - they begin to suspect something more sinister at work.

Even as time draws short and bonds grow deep, it's up to each individual soul to wrestle with its own faith, forge its own identity, and face a difficult choice which will determine its own fate.

A bittersweet, surreal, and other-worldly fantasy novel about identity, friendship, family, faith, and sacrifice.

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Saltella is an upper thief, a member of a prestigious society of noble thieves who steal exclusively from corrupt oligarchs and return the loot to its rightful owners: the people.

When a job goes sideways, he manages a narrow escape via an upper thief safeship, only something is off with the crew, and now Saltella is left with no escape.

An action-packed sci-fi thriller that ends with a bang.

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